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Bora Asmara @ Kampung Sg Penchala Kuala Lumpur

Bora Asmara @ Kampung Sg Penchala Kuala Lumpur

When our fabulous dance teacher announced that she wanted to give us girls a treat and at the same time celebrate JC's birthday, we looked forward to the outing. However, when I found out that she had wanted to take us to the Balinese themed Bora Asmara, I wasn't that excited - Bora Asmara had been getting quite a number of negative reviews. That was the reason why some of us floggers never paid the place a visit. However, I told myself that I shall not bother much about the food but rather enjoy the gathering with a bunch of people whose company I enjoy and will still enjoy where ever we may be.

After travelling there convoy style (to ensure we don't get lost), we arrived at Bora Asmara and we were greeted as soon as we walked through the doors. Having made reservations earlier for the 14 of us, we were ushered into an indoor section (which seemed more private than another indoor building nearby) and luckily for us, we had the whole place to ourselves! Of course there is a large outdoor area (gazebo) for people to dine and chill under the stars. We were rather impressed at the lovely setting (all the while still bracing myself for the food experience that was about to come).

Bora Asrama Kampung Sg Penchala

Taking all 14 of our orders (ordering 
ala carte) would have been a nightmare for some but this particular middle age service crew was an absolute pro. He was humorous and believe it or not, he could remember what we ordered without jotting anything down. We didn't believe it till he recited back our orders including 14 of our drinks (down to the usual ... less chili, more vegetables, less oil, less sugar, less ice "mah-fan" aka troublesome requests, hahaha...) with a big smile! Not much comment from me on the food as I only tasted some of the other dishes. So now...on with the food pics of what some of us ate.

We ordered Top Hats (RM15.90 for 1/2 dozen) for starters. These were nice but at more than RM2.50 a pop - it's not nice enough for me to order it again.

Nasi Lemak Nyonya

My Nasi Lemak Nyonya (RM19.90), served with a 
piece of pandan chicken, prawn sambal, beef rendang and nyonya acar. Despite having all these on the plate, not one thing was outstanding, average tasting fare.


Thai Sea Bass

The Ayam Bakar Warung Pudjok Candidasa (RM19.90) was a grilled whole chicken leg with spicy bumbu. My friend said that it was quite good. I tasted a bit and the chicken was moist and tender while having crisp skin. I would say I agree with my friend.

Thai Sea Bass (RM33.90) - served on grilled pumpkin with spicy Thai sauce.

Phat Thai
I tried some of their Phat Thai- RM18.90 (that's how they spell it on the menu) and I found it rather tasty. Not too sickly sweet like some Pad Thais I've eaten, this was just right. Mixed it up with the chili flakes for an extra kick! Something I wont' mind ordering again should I be back


My friend found this Caribbean Chicken (RM29.90) that was served with chunky mango salsa okay and would have preferred more spice and less sweet.

Mak Bonda Special
Mak Bonda Special (RM19.90) didn't really have anything special about it. It's tenggiri fish fried rice served with fresh kampung ulam according to "mom's recipe". Sorry "mom", don't mean any disrespect but "WHERE'S THE FISH?"...

Bali Spicy Fish
Bali Dancing Fish was a sight to behold ... but despite its looks, it was not as crispy crunch as my friend thought it would be. A disappointment for her....


Overall experience : Not as bad as what I have read earlier in other blog reviews in terms of food and service. Some food are rather good while some are mediocre (less hits more misses though) but none that taste bad. So, ordering is more like a shot at the roulette table :o). There's also a five piece band which went around the restaurant, entertaining the patrons - they thoroughly did entertain us. It was a fun night for us all especially for JC who celebrated her birthday here (she's usually traveling out of the country) with a bunch of fun loving, dance crazy and food loving people! Thanks Teacher for a great night out! I don't mind coming back here to chill if one is looking for a nice ambiance amidst a busy part of town. Oh well, there's also Subak...(that will be in a different post!).

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Bora Asmara
Lot 2933 Kampung Sungai Penchala
Jalan Damansara
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-77260964
Directions (taken from Star article) : On the Pencala Link from Damanara Perdana, head towards Mont Kiara. Turn left to Sungai Pencala before you reach the Pencala tunnel. Turn left at traffic lights and go straight. The restaurant is on the left.

Ordering food at times is like having a go at the roulette table:you win some, you loss some - WMW

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